Our Pupils


At Seymour Hill Primary School we hold each pupil in high esteem and value each individual in their own right.  We have a School Council which gives the children a direct input into the running of the school.  The School Council has been involved in some major decisions in helping to make our school a better place.


Our School Council members are:

Year 4D - Claudia Warnock and Ethan Reid

Year 4C - Abbie Swift and Roman Anderson

Year 5 - Hollie Sesay and Julian Wanat

Year 6 - Sophie Sinclair and Kyle Hewitt

Year 7 - Danni Tiffen and Jamie McCalmont

LSC 2 - Jay Knowles

At Seymour Hill Primary School we are very interested in learning about nature and our role in preserving and protecting the environment.  Our Eco-Schools Committee meet and create an action plan to help us to do this. 

Our Eco-Committee members are.

Year 4D - Molly Vance-Mallon and Matthew Cully

Year 4C - Ella Steele and Ollie McCalmont

Year 5 - Aimee Rose Temple and Daniel Clingan

Year 6 - Tia Patterson and Ethan Kunst

Year 7 - Lily Dzida and Sam Cowan

LSC 2 - Lucy Reid

Our school has been working in partnership with Dunmurry Primary School and St Colmans Primary School on Shared Education Projects.  This involves the children visiting each other's schools and working together on shared learning projects.  To help organise this children from Years 5-7 have been elected to a Shared Education Forum.  This Forum meets at least once a term to organise the next stages of the project and to evaluate the success of the project so far.  Our members are:

Year 5 - Summer McCullough and Casey Murray

Year 6 - Alex Hagans and Thomas Downey

Year 7 - Tamzin Wells and Reuben Hansen


We also run a Buddy Scheme which is aimed at helping our school to become a more positive and enjoyable place.  Buddies well play with children who aren't feeling themselves, help new pupils settle into school life and organise games to get everyone involved in physical activity.


Our Buddies are:



Competition Winners for November


Pupil of the Month

This award goes to pupils who have performed consistently well both inside and outside of the classroom throughout the month of November.


Year 1C - Josh McCandless

Year 1D - Jorja Rose Ferguson Welch

Year 2F - Jessica Fowles

Year 2C - Alfie Smith

Year 3 - Jessica Taggart

Year 3/4 - Molly Vance-Mallon

Year 4 - Khloe Oliver

Year 5 - Aimee Rose Temple

Year 6 - Gracie Watson-Robinson

Year 7 - Jamie McCalmont

LSC 1 - Travis Grant

LSC 2 - Natasha Dyer




This award goes to the pupil who's handwriting has improved throughout the month of March.


Year 1C - Riley Bustard

Year 1D - Thompson Mullan

Year 2F - Tejai Jackson

Year 2C - Brody Boardman

Year 3 - Ethan Merritt

Year 3/4 - Sara Orban

Year 4 - Bobby Ravenhill

Year 5 - Olivia Conville

Year 6 - Ethan Kunst

Year 7 - Skye McCullough

LSC 1 - Saul Buchanan

LSC 2 - Blake Shaw

Congratulations to all of these pupils for their fine work!


In Seymour we also operate a house system.  All our Key Stage 2 children are a member of either Warren, Lagan or Conway House.  The members of each house met recently to elect the Captains and Vice-Captains of each house and the results are as follows.


Warren Captains -  Maddison Murray and Jamie McCalmont


Vice Captains -  Danni Tiffen and Joshua McBride


Lagan Captains - Lauren Rodgers and Brandon Smith


Vice Captains - Mia McConachie and Sam Cowan


Conway Captains - Emily Watt and Parker Day


Vice Captains - Karys Chambers and Casey Arbuthnot


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