Seymour Hill Primary School

Our Pupils


At Seymour Hill Primary School we hold each pupil in high esteem and value each individual in their own right.  We have a School Council which gives the children a direct input into the running of the school.  The School Council has been involved in some major decisions in helping to make our school a better place.


Our School Council members are:

Year 4McK - 

Year 4/5P - 

Year 5M - 

Year 6R - 

Year 7N - 

LSC 2 - 

In Seymour Hill we also operate a house system.  All our Key Stage 2 children are a member of either Warren, Lagan or Conway House.  The members of each house met recently to elect the Captains and Vice-Captains of each house and the results are as follows.


Warren Captains -  Sophie and Archie


Vice Captains -  Hollie and Tyler


Lagan Captains - Kirsty and Rhys


Vice Captains - Kaley and Joel


Conway Captains - Summer and Julian


Vice Captains - Katie and Charlie


Competition Winners for November 2020


Pupil of the Month

This award goes to pupils who have performed consistently well both inside and outside of the classroom throughout the month of November.


Year 1 - Noah

Year 2 - Sienna

Year 3 - Blake

Year 3/4 - Mia

Year 4 - Tejai

Year 5 - Richard

Year 5/6 - Olly

Year 6 - Angelina

Year 7 - Olivia

LSC 1 - Logan

LSC 2 - Dean




This award goes to the pupil who's handwriting has improved throughout the month of November.


Year 1 - Nancy

Year 2 - Casper

Year 3 - Amy

Year 3/4 - Corey

Year 4 - Maddie

Year 5 - Ethan

Year 5/6 - Kacey

Year 6 - Michael

Year 7 - Sophie M

LSC 1 - Jonah

LSC 2 - Kyria

Congratulations to all of these pupils for their fine work!