Seymour Hill Primary School

Year 7 Mr Gaston

The pictures below give an insight into what life is like inside the classroom.

We do a lot of numeracy and literacy work, but that's not all. We do, 'World Around Us', 'The Arts' and much more! The P7s enjoy the broad and balanced curriculum here at Seymour Hill that's crucial for their development.

Pupils get to experience maths through the use of manipulatives. These concrete resources, such as those shown here, ground pupils' understanding of abstract mathematical concepts in something more concrete and familiar. The class should be congratulated for the determination and enthusiasm they have shown in numeracy this year!

We've been enjoying looking at the amazing Victorian era. Queen Victoria may only have been 4ft 11in tall, but she made a big impact and had a whole time period named after her!

The P7s love the chance to do a bit of artwork and build up their skills in this area of the curriculum.