Seymour Hill Primary School

Year 6 Mrs McClurg

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Hello everyone and welcome to our Y6 class page.  I hope through browsing it, you will get a little snippet of the work that we do, the fun that we have and the sense of community in our little class bubble!

During our procedural writing this term we got to make hot chocolate, boy was it yummy!! 

Happy Advent ❤

Our dojo treat day with a movie, crisps and popcorn. Who says hard work doesn't pay off?!!

Remembrance Day- Giving thanks to those soldiers who served and continue to serve our country. We dedicated a day to reflect on how much they had given up for us. This was the amazing art work my brilliant class completed. I was so proud of them!

Viking Art

On the last day of Anti-bullying week we all wore our odd socks to celebrate our individuality and creativity!

For Anti-bullying week, we looked at what makes us unique.  This linked with the trailer from the movie Wonder because little Auggie Pullman is taunted and teased about his facial disfigurement.   It was a celebration of how what is on the inside of a person is even more important than how they look. Such an important message in this day and age.

My class wrote their own limericks.  They had great fun writing them and then we presented them to the class.  Mrs McClurg thought they were outstanding.