Seymour Hill Primary School

Welcome to P2!

This year we have been very busy learning lots of new things. We love to learn especially through play and practical lessons. 

P2 have been busy learning all about properties of shape, measurement and number value. We love learning about addition and subtraction. One of our favourite ways to do this is with the help of our ladybird mats, counters and blocks. We have also enjoyed using the water tray in the playroom to learn about capacity. One day we even created our very own shop to practice our money counting skills- we bought a lot of sweets! 


This year we have been focussing on writing super sentences and reading. We have really enjoyed adding verbs and adjectives into our sentences. One of our favourite topics was all about the rainforest and we enjoyed describing lots of new animals. We love Monday mornings when we are given the opportunity to write about our weekend. We have learnt lots of new words and love using our whiteboards to show our friends our fantastic handwriting. Here are some pictures of us working hard...


One of our favourite things to do in P2 is 'Show and Tell’. We have been working hard on our speaking and listening skills. Everyone gets the chance to show their friends some of their favourite things and they always have lots of interesting questions to answer. Sometimes we even ‘Show and Tell’ our homework when we have been especially proud of it! 

In P2 we love to play- indoors and outdoors! This year we have been making lots of delicious treats in our mud kitchen, having races on our bikes and building castles with our giant Lego blocks! In our digger pit we are able to work as a team and show our big imaginations. Recently we have been enjoying writing all of our names and tricky words outside with chalk. Indoor play is also great as we can paint, role play and lots more. We are a very creative class in P2 and love being able to make different things.